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I am a holistic problem solver and change analyst interested in practical, ethical, and sustainable solutions to intractable strategic challenges. My passion is building engaged teams and engaging cultures coupled with expertise in organizational development, project management, instructional design, and teaching/training. I love to uncover the barriers to organizational change, discover and make explicit the actual values of an organization and its people, and chart a path from those principles to new ideas and opportunities. My writing generally centers around topics intended to restore the nuance to an issue or remove the veil from an ignored or misplaced sentiment. I will frequently attempt to establish a starting point for a sociopolitical discussion to begin, and will never pretend to have an absolute answer to much of anything. I know that the point at which I think I have the answers is the point I have to admit that I know nothing so I can learn. For fun, I'm a novice scuba diver, play FPS games on PC, seek excellent coffee and tasty microbrews, and can be found at the gym daily (when not in a pandemic). When discovered wearing his headphones, I'm more likely listening to an audiobook or podcast than music, with a preference toward topics in transhuman science fiction, transformative leadership, and scientific skepticism. For work, I am currently a full-time Assistant Professor of Organization & Management at Harrisburg University of Science & Technology and a part-time Assistant Professor of Project Management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/philipdmann Site: www.educationalthinking.com

Medium member since March 2021
Editor ofย Moving On
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